Company Profile

As per Iranian Regulation of importation and distribution of Pharmaceuticals, two companies established to cover a broad range of activities in pharmaceutical industry. (Explained further in below).

  • MPT MeshCut Pharmed Tamin-MPT (pJSC) : dedicated for importation
  • MPT MeshCut pharmed Tozie-MPT (pJSC): dedicated to distribution

Both companies MPTs (MeshCut Pharmed) are private Joint Stock Company (pJSC) (Registration No.: , Natinal ID Code:, Tax Code: , respectively ) with the capital fund of 1,000,000,000 IRR (250,000 US $).

In order to be the most reliable and prestigious supplier of high-quality pharmaceutical products in the market, a highly skilled, experienced and well-oriented team established MPT in Jan 2017. Key people of MPT are:

Shirin Mobasseri (Pharmacist): General Manager, 20% Shareholder, Graduated on July 1996 from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 20 years of experiences in Pharmaceutical Market.

  • Scientific manager of Daroupakhsh Pharmaceutical Company
  • Commercial affair manager of Iranian pharmaceutical cooperative company
  • Founder and National Marketing Manager of Mahshad Razi Company, currently known as Behestan Pakhsh, Representative of international companies such as:
  1. Pfizer (USA),
  2. Schering-Plough (USA),
  3. Bausch & Lomb (USA),
  4. Natural Factors (Canada),
  5. Tillots (Switzerland),
  6. Hexal (Germany),
  7. Fresenius Kabi (Germany)
  8. Kedrion S.P.A
  9. Biotest

Marketing manager of Shafayab Company with the following companies :


Exclusive agent of Pharmacare LTD.
Founder and Ex-shareholder of Arikeh T.V. Company (exclusive agent of Flagship)

Mohammad Mobasseri (Pharmasict): Technical and Business Development Manager, graduated on July 2009 Doctorate program of pharmacy in Tabriz University of Medical sciences of Iran.
Formulation of delayed released capsules of Diltiazem HCl and Design of Diltiazem HCL capsules with controlled onset of release
Effects of pentoxifylline and H-89 on epileptogenic activity of bucladesine in pentylenetetrazol-treated mice. (European journal of pharmacology)
Conducting researches in neuroscience field (Effects of pentoxifylline and H-89 on epileptogenic activity of bucladesine in pentylenetetrazol-treated mice)
Conducting researches on NAB technology in R&D of Sobhan Oncology
Director of R&D and Solid production line at Sobhan Oncology Formulation Expert (under license of :

  • Sanofi Aventis
  • Roche
  • Biosyn,
  • Cipla,
  • Nippon Kayako,
  • Stragen,
  • Gedeon Richter LTD,
  • Medac,
  • Ebewe)
  • 5th place of pharmaceutics presentation in the 12th seminar of Iranian pharmacy, Nov 2006. Study on the release of Acetazolamide from matrices containing Tragacanth and acacia gums.
  • HPLC, Carl fisher, GC, UV, Particle size analyzer
  • Genetics: PCR,Gel electrophoresis, DNA Sequencing, RNA extraction.
  • Pharmacology laboratory skills: Morris water maze.
  • Lyphilisator, Granulator, Tablet press, Capsule filling, Vial filling, Compounding vessel, High-pressure homogenizer.

Mohammad Aghahosseini (Master of Biomedical Engineering): Head of the Board, 40% Shareholder, Graduated on July 2009 from University of Birmingham, 10 years of Experiences with International Companies

Milad Shahpar (Master of industrial Engineering): Vice-Chairman, 40% shareholder, graduated on July 2016 from AmirKabir Polytechnic University, 10 Years of experiences in Distribution Chanel.
Good corporate conduct, responsible stewardship, mutual benefits

Company Structure of Meshkat Pharmed

MPT is a well-known company in the Pharmaceutical industry that holds all the required licenses, authentications and permissions from authorities in charge, i.e. Iranian MOH. MPT’s broad range of licensed activities consists of registration, import, export, sell, market, packaging and distribution of pharmaceutical finished products including registered medicines, emergency medicines, single prescription and biological drugs, supplements, medical equipment, raw materials, herbal medicines, infant formula, cosmetics, hygienic products and factory machines.

MPT constantly developing via active participation in tenders, exhibition, and symposiums held by MOH in addition to Cooperating with:

  • Research centers, i.e. Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS),
  • Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization-IBTO (the biggest National Plasma supplier with current
  • collection capacity of 150,000 liters/year that will be increased up to 300,000 liters/year by End of 2018),
  • several medical centers,
  • radiotherapy centers,
  • pathology center (such as Arikeh Tejarat Venus)
  • Clinics (such as Mahshad Clinics),
  • chain pharmacies,
  • Chain laboratories in Iran.

MPT could also successfully manage to cooperate with international companies in health-related products

  • BDP,
  • Zurich Co.
  • Andre Co.
  • AUSPharmed Co.

MPT has already established a biological and non-biological supply chain throughout its 31 branches within Iran.

Currently with 157 staff in the head office located in center of Tehran.

Following up the customer satisfaction policy (to stay firmly among the strongest companies in this field) as another key goal, MPT Company has honored to be a reputable and trustable company among the customers’ perspective (i.e. Pharmacist, Physicians and Hospitals) all around the region focusing on probity. MPT’s customers have always been assured for the best choice they have preferred along with the considerable attribute they will be delivered.

The statistics shows that almost all our customers rely on the best of quality, management theme set, responsiveness, continuous training and after sale services of MPT. This would not be achieved without the profound impression and assistance of our exceptional specialists (for instance Dr. Sh. Mobasseri and Dr. D.Mobasseri) plus our high quality staff who are all very well experienced and ready to achieve our mutual targets of serving in the best way within the shortest time.

Our significant distribution network which is complimented by our expert team of dedicated, qualified and professional associates together with a well-performance combination of academic and experienced members facilitate us to pure the way for having a notable role in providing the latest technologies and services nationwide, Consequently, it makes us capable to be ideally positioned as the leader by taking the initiative from the market.

Nationwide market coverage expansion, Over two decade experience & globally reputable

Working legally and transparently are the main objectives of this firm and that both are being strictly adhered to

The traditional structure of Iranian market distribution operates throughout diverse channels, with their major and national channels as follows:

MPt employees are its foundation. We look for people who share our unique goals so we can continue building and growing that groundwork. At Alvand Dokhan, you will meet people from all over the country who work hard to embody our values.

Our significant distribution network ,which is complimented by our expert team of dedicated qualified and professional associates made us capable to be ideally positioned as the leader by taking the initiative from the marke