Purpose of MPT Holding

Produce, import, export, selling, marketing, distribution, packaging, repacking, registering and transfer of technology and under license producing of medicines, including registered medicines, emergency drugs, single prescription drugs , food supplements and foods and beverages and medical devices and equipments , raw materials, herbal medicines, infant formula , cosmetic and hygienic products, factory machines and additive materials. Participation in tenders and exhibitions and engage in marketing of all products.
Tourism treatment process, having hospital, medical centers and clinics, aesthetic clinics, slimming centers,SPA centers radiotherapy center and pathology center, chain pharmacies and laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacting.

Provide electrical and installation services and technical consultation services, export and import, trade and distribute all authorized trading and industrial goods ie;import and supply laboratory equipments and set up laboratories for various types of complexes, design, implement, install and commission and provide consultation on pharmaceutical manufactories and laboratories, water treatment plants, environmental and industrial facilities. MPT, (Meshkat Pharmed Tamin) has a wide range of activities, thus, a brief description of Company and its members are as follow:

Our members have actively been involved in imports and exports and produce of different products in the pharmaceutical industries as well as goods of many other industries in Iran for over 20 years, possess valuable experience in setting up and running various companies as project manager, marketing and sales manager or business consultant. What We do at MPT (Meshkat Pharmed Tamin) is introduce the best solutions to you and your business. There is a large range of companies active in various industries in and out of Iran with which your business my flourish and move on from a still point to a decisive position in the market.


Our Team has had the experience and entrepreneurial roles and cooperation records with well-known companies in Iran such as:
Scientific managing of Daroupakhsh Pharmaceutical Company.
The member of Iranian medical council.
Performed as commercial affair manager of Iranian pharmaceutical cooperative company and Mahshad Razi Company currently known as Behestan Distribution and act as sales and distribution manager
Long-term import and export of variety of products of many diverse industries to/from Iran,
Marketing manager of Shafayab Company.
Interaction with other parts of the world:
Having experience of dealing for below companies as the sales and distribution manager of Mahshad Razi (Behestan Pakhsh)during working there:
Pfizer (USA), Schering-Plough (USA), Bausch & Lomb (USA), Natural Factors (Canada), Tillots (Switzerland), Hexal (Germany), Fresenius Kabi (Germany), etc.
Having experience of working for below companies as the sales and distribution manager of Shafayab during working there:
IBSA, Vitabiotics, Moleac, Desitin.
Be a large company in preparing agricultural & food products, medicines and Food Supplements as well as other essential goods for all over Iran and GTC (Government Trade Company) and Ministry of Health. have won several biddings in tender offers and our imports reached to more than 10 million Euros in 2015. be interested in importing rice, cane sugar, raw sugar, white sugar, beef, lamb, fruit, oilseeds, soy beans, grains, seeds, coffee, cotton, juice, dairy, fertilizers, metals ...
Previouse Owner of ATR as exclusive agent of PHARMACARE company in Iran .
Previouse Owner of ATV as exclusive agent of Flagship company .
Having good relation with all of medical associations.
We are also exclusive agent of B.A.T

A short explanation from experience of our boards of member is as follows: - Member of Roshd Center - Establisher and managing director of ATR Company(2011-2016)exclusive agent of Pharmacare Company - Establisher and technical manager of ATV company(2013-2014) - Pharmaceutic PhD, (industrial and Biological Medicines) - Professor at Pharmacy college of Tehran University - Professor at Pharmacy college of Queensland University - Pharmacology PhD - Member of Iranian pharmaceutical cooperative company - Advanced consulting of Pharmaceutical manufacturer - One of the prior managers of SO production - Establisher of one of the biggest Pharmaceutical distributor companies in Iran (Behestan Distribution, prior Mahshad Razi) - Owner of one of the biggest food distributors and food factories - Master of Biomedical Engineering - Graduated from The university of Birmingham June 2009 - Member of biomedical Engineere National committee - Holding technical supervisor certificate from competent authority in Iran (MOH) - Bachelor degree of industial manufacturing engineering - Master of business administration and risk management

We have 1500 Employees included

  • Marketing center
  • Regulatory center
  • Human resource center
  • Accounting center
  • R&D center
  • Selling center
  • Commercial center
  • Legal consultant center
  • IT center
  • Laboratory center
  • Import section
  • Export section
  • Product section

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