Meshkat Pharmed

who we are?

Our history
Chief Executive Officer & Faculty Physician

Meshkat Pharmed Co. was founded in 1994 with the goal of manufacturing hi-tech products in biotechnology and related fields. Since its start of operation with 4 scientists, Meshkat Pharmed has grown to become the biggest biopharmaceutical manufacturer and biotech exporter in the region. The concept was to be active in the research and development of new potent biotech-based products to cover regional markets. Enzymes, molecular biology reagents, and PCR kits were the first products and then Meshkat Pharmed used its proprietary set of technologies to endow monoclonal antibodies for blood group typing. The next important step for Meshkat Pharmed was to enter therapeutic recombinant protein and monoclonal anti-bodies area.

Ethics & Compliance

We aspire, as part of our vision, to be a trusted leader in changing the practice of medicine. To realize this vision, we need to earn and maintain the trust of patients, associates, healthcare partners, shareholders and the society we serve.

We have a responsibility to serve as a role model in how we conduct our business. We continually review and strengthen our policies and practices to meet and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, and strive to adhere to high business, clinical and ethical standards. Our aim is to prevent issues from occurring, drive personal accountability for behaviors, and generate learnings that can be applied across the organization.



Today the company prides itself in its innovative skills meeting today challenges. We focus our efforts on developing the bio-similar candidates in the areas of immunological diseases, infertility, hormone disorders and oncology as well as providing contract research development services. The company is spending over 30 percent of its total turnover on R&D activities. Meshkat Pharmed is strategically positioned to become and remain a leading biotechnology company in the region. Our aim is to use our expertise to identify and acquire selected products through strategic partnerships to promote sustainable development in human health

Our Belief: Probity, Legitimacy & Health.